AUREON 7.1 Sound Card

AUREON XFIRE8.0 HD is Terratec’s external sound card that sets a new standard in terms of design, features and technical attention to detail. The card comes in a small square box with an elegant aluminum surface and plenty of connectivity options. Another highlight is that you can adjust the volume using a stylish rotating wheel instead of using simple buttons.

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Play audio sources, record simultaneously, edit files in your music program, and publish them on the Internet. So easy! AUREON XFIRE8.0 HD can use any source. Record again directly from YouTube or simfy. Easily remix your favorite songs and publish to platforms like Soundcloud(TM).
It features ASIO drivers for high-quality, low-latency audio. Given this, AUREON XFIRE8.0 HD can be used in various software sequences such as Steinberg’s Cubase.

●  Brand: Terratec
●  Weight: 98g
●  Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 25 mm
●  Product type: USB sound card
●  Audio channels: 7.1
●  Technologies: Full duplex, ASIO 2.0
●  Bitrate: 24 bits
●  Maximum sampling rate: 192kHz
●  Signal to noise ratio: 108dB

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