Freedom360 Broadcaster

GoPro Rig which captures partial 360° footage (black hole in the bottom).

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The Freedom360 F360 Broadcaster Mount features slots for 6 GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, or HERO4 cameras and can record 6 video files simultaneously. Designed for 360° live streaming applications, this mount provides additional space within the mount for easier cable management. The shape of the mount creates a 40° blind spot at the bottom of the rig (top if mounted from the ceiling) where all cables can be mounted and hidden. The 3/8″-16 mounting screw is slightly offset from center for cable clearance.


●  Brand: GoPro, Freedom360
●  Weight: ~318gm
●  Dimension: 170 x 154 x 108 mm

Package Content:

●  1x Freedom360 Broadcaster Rig
●  6x GoPro Hero 4+ or 3+
●  6x SD Card 64GB
●  6x USB Cable 90° angled
●  6x Lenscaps
●  2x external Batteries / Power banks with 4 USB outlets
●  2x Charger
●  1x Stand
●  1x GoPro Remote

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