Freedom360 Explorer Rig

GoPro Cube which can be used for filming in worse weather conditions.

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The Freedom360 Explorer Rig enables breathtaking 360-degree cinematic and panoramic images. GoPro HERO3, 3+, or 4 frames can be used in GoPro standard housings. The original innovative geometry allows the rig to be held freely in any direction. There are no “dead spots” in your video or panorama. The outer frame is extremely tough and protects your GoPro body from impact. Simply hang the camera (6 pieces) along with the housing onto a suitable mount and attach to any mount using the tripod connection. Easily start recording and sync all your cameras with the GoPro Wi-Fi Remote.


●  Brand: Freedom 360, GoPro
●  Weight: Without cameras ~270gm, with all cameras ~1270gm
●  Dimension: Outer frame size ~ 110 x 110 x 110 mm

Package Content:

●  1x Freedom 360 Explorer Rig
●  6x GoPro Hero 4+ or 3+
●  6x SD Card 64GB
●  6x USB Cable 90° angled
●  6x Lenscaps
●  2x external Batteries with 4 USB outlets
●  2x Charger
●  1x Stand
●  1x GoPro Remote

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