Can be used with smartphones such as IPhone S6/IPhone S5 or Samsung S6/Samsung S7. We call it “the better Cardboard”, one reason is the better produced lenses.
Package without smartphone.

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The glasses have a compartment that fits tightly enough to keep your smartphone in place. Wear goggles and adjust the wide elastic band for comfort and safety. You can also use the adjustment screw to adjust the lens spacing to suit your body size. Watch the spherical 360° video. Put on your glasses and watch the scene from your chosen pawn.
Up, down, in all directions…Full immersion guaranteed! The binocular vision of our VR lenses is especially suitable for stereoscopic viewing, providing an amazing 3D effect!


●  Brand: Homido
●  Weight: 413 gm
●  Dimensions: 195.1 x 134.9 x 13 mm

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