HTC Vive Pro Set

The flagship HMD from HTC featuring a higher resolution, built-in audio and it also works in a bigger tracking area. With new sensors, controllers and Link Box. Room-scale precision tracking that is true to life. Colors on the screen that are so vivid. Super-realistic sounds and an incredible contrast. VIVE Pro is designed for high-quality Virtual Reality.

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AMOLED displays with super-rich colors and contrast and high resolution astonish the eye and bring your imagination to life. This HMD is optimized for ergonomic comfort. A balanced center of gravity is achieved by evenly distributing the weight of the headset. Adjustable to accommodate a variety of pupillary distances and fits a wide range of head shapes and sizes. For prolonged VR sessions, VIVE Pro is ideal. Sitting at your desk, you can teleport around endless virtual worlds or designate a room-sized play area where you can actually walk around. SteamVRTM Tracking provides the best possible experience, so play seated, standing, or room-scale. SteamVR™ Base Station 2.0- Upto 100m2*, expand your horizons by adding additional base stations to track even larger interactive room-scale space.
*Up to 10m x 10m using four SteamVR Base Station 2.0. The included two base stations support up to 5m x 5m. The Hi-Res certified headset and headphones are integrated with 3D spatial sound to deliver for true-to-life immersive audio. Realistic graphics, 360-degree controller, headset tracking, directional audio and HD haptic feedback all contribute to fully immersive experience.


●  Brand: HTC
●  Screen: Dual AMOLED 3.5″ diagonal
●  Resolution: 1440×1600 pixels per eye (2880×1600 pixels combined)
●  Sensors: SteamVR Tracking, G-sensor, gyroscope, proximity, Eye Comfort Setting (IPD)
●  Controller sensor: SteamVR Tracking 2.0
●  Controller input: Multifunction trackpad, Grip buttons, dual-stage trigger, System button, Menu button
●  FOV: 110 degrees
●  Audio: Hi-Res certificate headset
●  High impedance headphones support
●  Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB-C port for peripherals (for controller-Micro-USB charging port)

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