Insta360 Pro 2

One of our bestsellers and Insta360’s flagship with better specs of and an extended WiFi range.

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Record 360-degree spherical VR videos and still images with the Insta360 Pro 2 VR Camera, with its FarSight bundle in resolutions up to 8K 3D.
It has the FarSight remote monitoring system and can stream in 4K while simultaneously recording immersive 8K video. Among the features of Insta360 Pro 2 are precise 9-axis FlowState stabilization, CrystalView monitoring on standard devices, automatic proxy file creation, and stitch-free editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.
The six selectable 200° fisheye lenses, the adjustable shutter speed, and the ISO range of 100-6400 are all included in the Insta360 Pro 2s optical features. Even in settings with uneven lighting, an HDR (high dynamic range) function offers natural-looking lighting. The still mode offers raw, JPEG, burst, and time-lapse options, and high-speed frame rates up to 120 fps are available.
A crucial aspect of virtual reality is image stabilization, and the Insta360 Pro 2 uses a 9-axis gyro. The free Insta360 software to provide accurate, programmable stabilization. A built-in GPS module provides data for Google Maps Street View, and other precision-mapping applications.
With the FarSight 360° long-range monitoring system, you can watch your capture in real time from up to two miles away (ground-to-air) or one mile away (ground-to-ground) away. Without using FarSight, Wi-Fi preview is available at 30 frames per second up to 15′. By converting 8K VR content for popular 4K VR headsets and regular smartphones or monitors, the CrystalView function increases the size of your potential audience.


●  Brand: Insta360
●  Weight: ~1550g
●  Dimensions: φ143mm(diameter)
●  Lenses: 6 x F2.4 Fisheye Lenses
●  Video recordings: 6K, UHD, 8K, HD, Full HD, Frame rates- 4K@(120fps, 60fps, 30fps), 8K@30 fps
●  Video file formats: MPEG-4, H.264 (MOV)
●  Photo File Formats: RAW, JPEG, DNG
●  Image: Total resolution 60 megapixels
●  Image Stabilizer Type: Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS)
●  Storage: 6 x MicroSD memory cards + 1 x Full SD card
●  Material: Aluminum alloy
●  Exposure modes: Automatic, manual, individual exposure of each lens, shutter speed priority (photo only), ISO priority (photo only)
●  ISO range: 100~6400
●  Battery capacity: Removable battery of 5100 mAh
●  White balance mode: Automatic, Manual

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