Kandao Obsidian Go

All in one VR camera solution which is pretty handy and can capture 8K photos as well as stream 4K.

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Obsidian GO is designed to be the first professional level 3D 360 camera by Kandao Technology, which is a great option for both VR beginners and experienced virtual reality content creators. This black professional 360 camera has no electronic viewfinder but 6 synced high quality wide angle fisheye lenses and super easy operation approach. It is a professional 360 camera for VR productions which can shoot 4K 360 videos and a maximum of 8K 360 photos (support time lapse). Let you enjoy the powerful 3D images capture performance. Obsidian GO 360 VR camera VR camera works perfectly with Kandao Studio, the intelligent stitching software. High quality 360 3D camcorders make you enjoy VR productions within a few steps.


●  Brand: Kandao
●  Weight: Camera plus Battery 1015 g
●  Quality: 3840 X 3840/30fps

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