Vive Flow

Simple, small, yet sophisticated, splendid immersive VR glasses. Connect to your phone via Bluetooth and explore your very own digital retreat in virtual reality.

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Two controller modes, one VR device: Pair your phone to bring your favorite apps and streaming services into virtual reality. or use the controller for effortless sharing and navigation.
With a weight of just 189 grams, these foldable VR glasses are the pinnacle of portability. They are sturdy, stable, light, and compact. At home or on the go, explore VIVERSE or your virtual cinema. Immersion for you, enjoyment for all- Let them join in on the fun. Screen mirroring to other devices offers those around you a window into virtual realms.
Comfortable and customizable- Whether you’re streaming movies on a big screen or attending events remotely, VIVE Flow makes your time in VR as pleasant as possible with adjustable focus, natural fir, eye comfort mode

●  Brand: HTC
●  Weight: 189g
●  Dimensions: 155.1×70.5×200.7 mm
●  Resolution: 3.2k combined (2×2.1” LCD 1600×1600 per eye)
●  Field of view: Up to 100 degrees
●  Tracking: 2x cameras for inside-out headset 6DoF tracking
●  Controllers: Can use connected phone as controller
●  Connectivity: USB-C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0
●  Audio: Stereo speakers with spatial audio support, Dual microphones with echo and noise cancellation, Supports Bluetooth headphones

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