Airpod Max

A complete reimagining of over-ear headphones. From the cushion to the headband, AirPods Max are designed for uncompromising comfort, providing the perfect acoustic seal for a wide variety of head shapes. Immerse yourself in incredible sound.

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AirPods Max combine high-fidelity audio with industry-leading active noise cancellation for a completely unique listening experience. Every part of the specially designed driver delivers extremely low distortion sound across the entire audible frequency range. From deep, rich bass to tight mids to crisp, clean highs, you’ll hear everything with a whole new level of clarity.
Hear more- The Apple-developed dynamic driver produces a wide frequency range that lets you hear every detail in every sound. Add texture and precision to your favorite songs like you’ve never heard before
Immersive sound- To block out unwanted ambient noise, the AirPods Max has a total of six outward-facing mics that pick up sounds around you, and his two inward-facing mics that measure what you’re hearing. The beamforming mic also helps isolate your voice during calls, so you can hear clearly even in windy conditions.
AirPods Max works wirelessly, simply and magically, just like the entire AirPods family. From setup to Siri commands, we ensure a completely seamless listening experience every day, on any device.

●  Brand: Apple
●  Weight: 384.8gm
●  Dimensions: 168.6 x 83.4 x 187.3 mm
●  Transmission type: Wireless
●  Audio technology: Dynamic driver developed by Apple, Active noise cancellation, Transparency mode, Personalized 3D audio with dynamic head tracking, Adaptive EQ

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