Walimex Fish-Eye Lens VDSLR/7.5mm/3.8

A super wide angle lens with fisheye effect for MFT-Mount.

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With the walimex pro 7.5/3.8 Fisheye VDSLR you are fully equipped for video and photo recording.
No need to waste time changing camera settings. The aperture can be adjusted continuously, minimizing changes in exposure time. Both the aperture and focus rings have toothed rims, making them optimized for use with focusing devices (follow focus systems). APS camera lens!
Specifically for system cameras: A feature of this lens is that it was developed exclusively for system cameras. This is especially evident from the small size of the lens, which is specifically tailored to the compactness of the system camera.
Extraordinary Creative Possibilities: Thanks to the special depth of field and 180° angle of view, there are no limits to your creativity: panoramas, landscapes, and unique effect shots. The walimex pro 8/3.1 Fisheye VDSLR offers photographers and videographers a variety of image design options, especially for spherical panoramas. Straight lines that are not centered in the image appear curved and produce extreme barrel distortion. This particular type of lens has a particularly short focal length of 7.5 mm for its aspect ratio size, which causes the image to appear in a curved shape. As a result, photos taken with the walimex pro Fish-Eye feature a typical spherically distorted perspective. Focus and aperture settings are manual.
Excellent optical design: All of his nine glass lenses on the lens are multi-coated, ensuring a vibrant range of contrast and sharpness, as well as balanced color balance. Chromatic and spherical aberration are corrected by using three ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lenses and one aspherical lens. The lens’ particularly high-quality optics ensure optimal imaging results.
The 3.8 allows excellent recordings even in less favorable lighting conditions. A fixed lens hood prevents lateral stray light and lens reflections. This lens is perfect for system cameras, especially light and convenient.


● Brand: Walimex
● Weight: 195g
● Dimensions: 48mm (length)
● Product type: Fisheye lens
● Field of Application: Art, Architecture, Countryside
● Developed for: APS-C
● Suitable for Sensor: MFT
● Crop Factor: 2,0
● Focal Distance: 7,5mm
● Lens Speed: 1:3,8
● Internal Focusing: Yes
● Lenses / Groups: 9 / 7
● Number of Aperture Slats: 6
● Minimum Focusing Distance: 0,09m
● Lens Diameter: 48mm
● Field of Application Lens Architecture, Countryside, Art
● Special Features: Super wide angle

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