KOWA LM16JC10M 16mm/F1.8

A very fast wide angle lens for C-Mount.

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The Kowa C-mount 16mm f/1.8-16 2/3″ 10MP JC10M series fixed lens offers 200 lp/mm (centered) resolution and low distortion to maximize performance for high-end applications. With Kowa’s broadband coating and floating mechanism design, the JC10M series lenses reduce chromatic aberration over a wide range (close to infinity) and maintain high transmission over a wide light range (visible to near-infrared). . The lens has a focal length of 16 mm and an aperture range of f/1.8-16.
Floating Mechanism Design: Nearly eliminates optical aberrations from close range to infinity
Precision aspherical lenses reduce distortion and produce high resolution images
200 lp/mm resolution and low distortion maximize performance for high-end applications
Features a broadband coating that maintains high transmittance from the visible region to the near-infrared region and a floating mechanism design
The short minimum object distance, compact design and aspherical lens element allow easy installation in compact imaging systems.
Perfect for machine vision and factory automation applications


● Brand: KOWA
● Weight: 90g
● Dimensions: Ø27 X 47,5
● Lens type: Fixed focal length
● Mount: C
● Nominal format: 2/3″
● Focal length: 16mm
● Aperture control: Manually
● Angle of view : horizontal 30°
● Aperture range (F): F1.8~F16

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