Entaniya Fisheye 250 HAL 4.3

EF- or E- Mount is possible. You can use the RED Weapon 8K to get the best pixel quality and quantity. Dome-projections or VR-Films; enjoy the quality of this perfect combination.

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The Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 lens is a high quality wide angle fisheye lens that is second to none in the world.This fisheye HAL250 lens was designed and invented by Entaniya. The 250-degree Entaniya lens far surpasses the common 180-degree lens.
Although it has a wide angle of 250 degrees, it has little aberration and fringes, and provides sharp images that are incomparable to other fisheye lenses. Entaniya Fisheye HAL consists of three parts. Front lens, rear lens, bayonet adapter. All parts are interchangeable depending on the intended use of the lens.
By attaching the Entaniya Fisheye HAL250 lens to his camera, he is able to capture a perfect 360-degree shot covering 250 degrees horizontally (vertical length depends on cropping) in a single shot. Using a combination of two cameras and a dedicated rig, you can create the perfect 360-degree shot. Additionally, increasing the number of cameras will give you even higher resolutions.


● Brand: Entaniya
● Weight: 1.6kg 〜 1.8kg (without caps)
● Focal Length: 4.3mm
● Field of View: H:250° / V:180° (Super35mm)
● Lens Construction: 18 Elements in 12 Groups / 4 Extra-low dispersion lenses
● Lens arrangement 18-layer dispersion lens
● Aperture: 2.8

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