GoPro Omni Rig

The rig is easy to handle, as it comes presynced and with data-transfer/ stitching software.

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GoPro Omni is a 360-degree rig dedicated to the GoPro Hero4+ camera. With this rig, users can automatically create their 360° videos in a streamlined workflow optimized specifically for his Omni. The advanced features of Autopano® Video Pro and Autopano Giga in the complete Omni package let you fine-tune images and stitching for the highest quality output. The Omni All Inclusive Rig includes 6 GoPro Hero4 cameras, a USB cable, a 32GB MicroSD card and two stitching software packages for post production.

Some of the features are:

●  Special 360 degree rig for GoPro Hero4+ camera
●  Includes 6 GoPro Hero4+ cameras
●  8K resolution
●  Synchronized 6-camera array for immersive 360-degree video
●  Flexible power options
●  Robust design
●  Individual Camera Resolution: 2.7K 25/30, 1440p 50/60
●  Spherical Resolution: 2.7K – 7940 x 3970, 1440p – 5638 x 2819
●  Recording Format(Video): Codec- H.264, Format- MP4, bit rate- 45 Mbps / 65 Mbps (ProTune)

Package Content:

●  1x GoPro Omni Rig
●  6x GoPro Hero 4+
●  6x SD Card 64GB
●  6x USB Cable 90° angled
●  6x Lenscaps
●  2x external Batteries / Power banks with 4 USB outlets
●  2x Charger
●  1x Stand
●  1x GoPro Remote

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