iZugar Z4X

4 GoPro Hero4 Black with a custom fisheye lens for a full 360° sphere. Can also be used with the Teradek Sphere.

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This challenger is at your service! You can make seamless 360 video in compact space very easy now with the Z4X rig, and no more nasty broken seams everywhere when shooting inside a car or jet fighter. Working with four mini 194 lenses shall give you more freedom to shoot your next 360 master pieces. Being 33% lighter than 6-cam setup, the excessive overlapping between lenses shall be very generous & forgiving with the parallax issues. With the special design, seamless 360 video can be taken at as short as 0.5m away. fyi, we have user able to produce better in-car video than the Nokia OZO system.

The Z4X Armor mount was made with aluminium. The output resolution from four 4K video is 5620×2810 pixel, almost at 6K level, when down sample to 4K the image can be better especially in low lighting situation. More oftenly the suers love to shoot at 2.7k@60 mode, making naitve 4K@60fps video which is more responsive when viewing through HMDs. In super close shooting environment like inside a crowd, 4:3 video mode will ensure maximum forgiving in stitching. Usually stitching could be mostly done with a simple click preset click in Kolor AVP, or with our PTGui template in VideoStitch, saving you days in the post production. It’s also live streaming compatible.

This kit set includes everything you need to convert four of your gopro camera into a quadro-lens 360 video system. The Z4X kit set shall come with four 194 fisheye lenses, the Z4X mount and a rugged carrying case.

Package content:

●  1x iZugar Cameraholder with ¼ thread
●  4x GoPro Hero 4 with Custom Fisheye Lens
●  4x SD Card 64GB
●  4x Lenscaps
●  4x USB Cable
●  2x external Batteries
●  2x Charger
●  1x Stand

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