GPS Module for Insta360 Pro

With this Insta360 GPS Module Kit, you can make your Insta360 Pro camera Google Maps Street View ready.

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The Insta360 Pro camera is the first 360-degree VR camera certified for Google Street View. This add-on allows users to send their images to Google Maps street view.After uploading, the user can select 8K 5fps video mode on Insta360 Pro and start capturing a series of 360° snapshots of him from a short distance from the top of the car. This setting is not for rough roads and currently only works on smooth pavement.  The task of sending footage directly to Google Maps Street View is simplified by implementing an auto-publish feature in the Insta360 stitcher software. Once uploaded, the system automatically detects a 5 fps video, converts it into a series of evenly spaced 360 photos, and renders these photos based on the associated GPS data Street View map in the appropriate place. Published imagery can be explored via the Google Maps Street View app, or the Google Maps mobile and desktop apps.


●  Brand: Insta360
●  Weight: ~261gm

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