HP Reverb VR Glass G2 Omnicept Edition

This revolutionary HMD includes a state-of-the-art sensor system that measures muscle movement, gaze, pupil size and pulse, and seamlessly transfers data to the HP Omnicept platform.

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Ultimate Comfort. More cameras. Better tracking.

Breakthrough visuals and sound: With industry-leading lenses and speakers designed by Valve, high quality resolution—2160×2160 per eye—and foveated rendering, this HMD delivers lifelike VR like never before. Foveated rendering: With integrated eye tracking from Tobii®, this HMD is able to discern the user’s gaze direction, enabling a reduction in GPU load and improved image quality within the user’s foveal region, enhancing VR realism. Motion tracking: With four cameras and internal sensors for position detection, you can now track more of your arm movement. Jump right into virtual reality without additional peripherals.


●  Brand: HP
●  Weight: Headset 727g, Controller 167g
●  Dimensions: Headset 11×25.3×29 cm, Controller 6.6×12.9×11.9cm
●  Resolution: 2160×2160 pixels per eye (4320 x 2160 pixels combined), RGB sub-pixels
●  Screen: Dual LCD 2.89’’ diagonal with Pulse Backlight technology
●  Field of view: ~114 degrees, Fresnel-Aspherical
●  Sensors: Windows Mixed Reality inside/out 6 DOF motion tracking, gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer, Eye Tracking with pupillometry, heart rate, face camera
●  Controllers: 2 Controllers

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