Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro is the first in a new line of advanced headsets built to expand the possibilities of virtual and mixed reality. Its pancake lenses fold light over several times, reducing the size of the headset while showing sharper visuals.

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The Meta Quest Pro has a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ processor. This is an optimized variant of the Snapdragon XR2 processor that is also found in the Meta Quest 2, but slightly more powerful.
Thanks to innovative high-definition mixed reality, Meta Quest Pro allows you to easily interact with virtual worlds and continue to experience real-life environments in vivid image quality. From initial idea to collaborating with others, Meta Quest Pro makes it easier than ever. Simply design something new in mixed reality without leaving your familiar design environment. Or simply invite contributors from around the world into your virtual space and collaborate on collaborative designs in real time. Meta Quest Pro combines the latest in VR technology to expand your design perspective for the real and virtual worlds. The headset’s revolutionary patented optical technology includes a pancake lens that “folds” light within the optical module, resulting in 40% narrower optics compared to the Quest 2. Colors are even more vibrant with 75% more contrast and 1.3x more color gamut. Combined with local dimming and quantum dot technology, it enables more immersive VR. The self-tracking controller fits perfectly in your hand and offers haptic touch feedback and super-precise zoom-in/zoom-out gestures. In VR, the controller turns into a completely natural extension of your hand. Face Tracking and Eye tracking allows your avatar to mimic the authentic look of your own natural facial expressions, so you can attend meetings, hang out with friends, and let your true personality shine through in VR. The slim design and balanced ergonomics give you a more comfortable fit so you can work in VR for longer, either alone or in a team. You can also choose how deep you want to be immersed in VR. And the best? Meta Quest Pro is also suitable for people who wear glasses.


●  Brand: Meta
●  Weight: Headset 722g, Controller 153g (per controller)
●  Dimensions: Headset 265(L)x127(H)x196(W)mm, Controllers 265 mm 130x70x62 mm
●  Display panels: 2 x LCD panels (1800×1920 pixels per eye) with local dimming backlight
●  Field of view (claimed): 106° horizontal x 96° vertical
●  Audio: Integrated speakers and microphone; also compatible with 3.5 mm earphones via twin left/right jacks. Spatial audio support included
●  Connections: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, PC-based VR- Supported with Link and Air Link

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