Pico NEO 2 eye

Versatile all-in-one VR headset for enterprises Integrated with Tobii’s world leading eye tracking technology.

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Pico Neo 2 Eye is the world’s first commercial standalone VR headset with native eye tracking .Neo 2 Eye helps enterprises gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, enhance training efficiency, improve productivity and safety at work, and much more. It combines the benefits of Tobii eye tracking with smart design choices and the power of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset, resulting in a comfortable, powerful and user-friendly device. Neo 2 Eye is compatible with the Tobii XR Unity SDK, enabling developers a quick ramp up to integrate eye tracking seamlessly into their VR experiences.


●  Brand: Pico
●  Weight: 360g
●  Controls: 2x controls
●  Display type: 4K RGB display
●  FOV : 101°, Fresnel
●  Lense & sensors: Inside-Out 6DoF tracking, two mono fisheye cameras, integrated eye tracking & foveated rendering
●  Resolution: 4K 3840\*2160@75Hz
●  Audio: Integrated Spatial stereo speaker, Dual Mic EC/NR, 3.5mm Jack

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