Ricoh Theta S

Beauty as far as the eye can see and a breathtaking sense of presence making you feel you are “right there, right now”.
From still images to long movies (max. 25 minutes long), record your memories in a vivid, high resolution 360° world.
The new RICOH THETA S gives you even higher quality and performance.

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Ricoh Theta S captures high-definition spherical images up to 14 megapixels, creates panoramic videos at 30 fps in Full HD. Maximum recording time of 25 minutes each. A larger image sensor and his F2.0 brighter lens allow more light to pass through an optical system with an ultra-compact double lens developed by Ricoh for better image quality.
Ricoh Theta S lets you view and share your images and videos in a whole new way. The Theta S creates a perfect spherical image or video, so you can now view the image or video from any conceivable perspective. Your photos aren’t just displayed in all 360° views like traditional panoramic photos. In fact, you can move the photo in all directions. Here you can freely decide and change the perspective.
This is also possible in video mode. While the video is playing, you can freely change the displayed video section. This means that in the future the same video can be tracked from different perspectives and show different content depending on the viewing direction chosen.

●  Brand: Ricoh
●  Weight: 125g
●  Dimensions: 44 x 130 x 22.9 mm
●  Resolution: 1920×1080/29.97 fps/16 Mbps
●  Shooting mode: Still image- Auto (Noise reduction/ DR compensation/ HDR)*9, Shutter Priority, ISO Priority*5, Manual*5 | Video: Auto | Live streaming: Auto
●  Still image resolution:  L- 5376 x 2688, M-  2048 x 1024
●  Video resolution/frame rate/bit rate L: 1920 x 1080/29.97 fps/16 Mbps | M: 1280 x 720/15 fps/6 Mbps
●  Usage temperature range:  0°C – 40°C
●  Usage humidity range: 90% or less
●  Storage temperature range:  -20°C – 60°C
●  Internal storage: Approx. 8GB

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