iZugar Z2X

Cover the whole 360° sphere with only 2 GoPro‘s.

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Embrace this powerful game changer! Seamless 360 video can now be made with two mini lenses with option to have perfect shutter sync & color balance. Weighs only 180g, the Z2XC can fit into many challenging scenario that are difficult to have good stitching result with other 360 systems. The output video resolution able to reach 4K, while output photo size at 5K. When watching VR video with a HMD, any broken seams will be seen clearly with the magnifying glasses. By capturing with the 2X technique, there is only one seam line to care about and the rest of the image are free from stitching artifacts, which is essentially a huge time saver for 360 producer to make high quality immersive 360 VR video.


●  Brand: iZugar, GoPro

Package Content:

●  1x iZugar Cameraholder with ¼ thread
●  2x GoPro Hero 4 with Custom Fisheye Lens
●  2x SD Card 64GB
●  2x Lenscaps
●  2x USB Cable
●  2x external Batteries
●  2x Charger
●  1x Stand

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