TPcast wireless Adapter For HTC Vive

Connect the adapter to your VIVE to go fully wireless. No hassle with cables aswell as a heavy backpack anymore.

The TPCAST Wireless Adapter enables a 360° free-roaming wireless VR experience on your HTC Vive without compromising the quality of the generated image.  You can enjoy VR gaming in total freedom without the hassle of cables, potentially leading to a whole new gaming experience. Wireless transmission allows for complete freedom of all-round motion, taking your VR experience to a new level. A simple installation guide makes cables a thing of the past with the HTC Vive in no time. Wireless transmission supports HTC VIVE’s full resolution (2160 × 1200px) and refresh rate (90Hz), ensuring a flawless VR experience with less than 2ms transmission delay. VR sessions of up to 5 hours are possible, thanks to the included ANKER power bank (20,000 mAh). Extremely comfortable to wear – The TPCAST wireless receiver attaches to the HTC VIVE’s headband and weighs only 88 grams.


●  Brand: Brand: HTC
●  Weight: 88 g
●  Battery: 20,000 mAh
●  Problem-free transmission of the Vive resolution (2160 x 1200 pixels)
●  Transmission latency under 2 ms
●  Easy installation of all necessary components
●  Refresh rate of 90 Hz
●  Range of up to five meters

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