ZeissVR One

Can be used with smartphones such as IPhone S6/IPhone S5 or Samsung S6/Samsung S7. We call it “the better Cardboard”, one reason is the better produced lenses.
Package without smartphone.

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With VR ONE, you can ¬†experience TRUE VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) in the same product, thanks to the headset’s see-through faceplate. Simply place your smartphone in the holder of your glasses and you can use your smartphone’s camera as a source for augmented reality apps. Enjoy Google-recommended views, watch 2D and 3D, and watch movies and photos with already released VR/AR apps and games, or with the two premium apps bundled with the glasses¬†and immerse yourself in another world. Interact with YouTube videos and ZEISS AR cubes.

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