Mantis 360 Kit

The ultimate stabilised remote dolly for 360° camera arrays with up to 300 meters operating range.

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The Mantis 360 is the flagship rover in the 360 ​​industry.
From smooth museum floors to rocks and muddy riverbeds, its versatility and capabilities are unrivaled and unrivaled by any other rover. In terms of payload, it can not only carry a Google Jump camera with a battery pack, but it can also fly a Gopro Fusion and other current 360 camera rigs.
Creates the perfect trackless dolly system for eye-level shots, smooth tracking shots, or more agile shots up to 6 mph. With a compact footprint, remote control and quick set-up time, you can start shooting immediately or move the camera into difficult shooting areas.
An advanced vertical axis stabilizer eliminates vibrations, smooths out terrain bumps, and keeps footage as stable as possible at higher camera angle ranges.It fits easily on standard Mantis mounting rails.
It easily adjusts to the balance and payload of 360° cameras weighing up to 5kg and uses gyro stabilization to eliminate roll, pitch and vibration. V-Con XL’s quick-release height adjustment allows you to quickly and easily adjust your camera to your desired film height.
Compensates pan and tilt on all three axes. It is one of the most important factors in reducing blur and camera shake caused by vibrations and other unwanted motion.
Constructed of lightweight astroboard and aluminum, it’s the perfect way to move the Mantis from job to job and store it between uses.
The Mantis is retained internally by the custom made CNC cut foam insert, and keeps everything safe and secure while in transit, be it by road vehicle or as hold luggage on a plane.

[aux_divider width=”large” style=”dashed” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″ extra_classes=””]Specifications:

  • Brand: Freedom360
  • Weight: 61.235Kg
  • Dimensions: 42 × 24 × 23 in
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